Case Studies

We take pride in our ability to tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. These case studies serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our capability to deliver successful web projects that make a lasting impression. 


Drain Rooter Edmonton

DrainRooter Edmonton is a valued client who sought our expertise for a professional website and SEO strategy to address the plumbing needs of Edmontonians. Through our collaborative efforts, we successfully crafted their branding, created a visually appealing website and implemented strategic SEO tactics, enhancing their online presence and ensuring their services reach and resonate with the local community. 


Gateway Driving School

Gateway Driving School was a well-established local entity in Edmonton who sought our expertise to elevate its online presence. We were tasked with creating a user-friendly website tailored to their services and incorporating fundamental organic SEO strategies. This not only enhanced their website but also improved their rankings, ensuring that prospective drivers in Edmonton can effortlessly discover and engage with the offerings of Gateway Driving School. 


Annual RAH Hospital Medicine Update

The Annual RAH Hospital Medicine Update collaborated with our team to undergo a comprehensive online transformation. In addition to the creation of an aesthetically pleasing website, we took on the task of overhauling their entire branding to provide a revitalized appearance. We centered our approach on prioritizing user-friendliness, which resulted in a thoughtfully designed platform that offers a seamless experience for both event attendees and administrators. This comprehensive revamp not only enhances the professional image of the Annual RAH Hospital Medicine Update but also ensures a user-centric and efficient paid online registration process.


Cardiovascular Update for the Practicing Physician

The annual Cardiovascular Update for the Practicing Physician conference entrusted us with the task of breathing new life into their online presence. Our mission included not only a website update but also the seamless migration of their platform to WordPress. With a focus on delivering a modern and user-friendly experience, our team successfully revamped the conference's digital home. The result is a refreshed website that not only meets the professional standards of the medical community but also enhances accessibility for both organizers and participants.

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