Web Motion is your go-to partner for website projects of local businesses in Edmonton.

Our Process

Transparency in pricing is fundamental to our values and we believe in providing you with a clear understanding of costs throughout the development process.

Discovery Meeting

We start the process with a discussion of your project requirements. This can take place through a convenient video call or a phone call.

Detailed Estimate

Following our discussion, we provide you with a comprehensive written estimate that outlines the project scope, timeline, allocated hours, and associated costs for your review and approval. 

Design Concept Approval

Once the estimate is accepted, we create a preliminary mock-up of your website. This serves as a visual representation for your approval, ensuring alignment with your vision and design preferences. 

Development Phase

With your design concept approved, we proceed to the creation of the test website and the installation of WordPress, accompanied by the implementation of a structured database to lay the foundation for your site. 

Functional Prototype

We present a fully functional prototype of your website, including all agreed-upon features. This stage allows you to explore the website's functionalities and ensures that it meets your expectations before moving forward. 

Finalization and Launch

Upon receiving your approval of the functional prototype, we transfer the test website to your primary domain name. As a final touch, we implement standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and performance tests to enhance your site's visibility and usability. 

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